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Since its release, both casual and pro players of Apex Legends have been wondering about the next big tournament. This has come to an end in early April after a series of never-ending matches. Qualifiers of the tournament had to play a lot of games along the line to get all the way up to the finals. The total prize pool was $500.000 and it spread amongst players in the final, as well as with the qualification winners too. The finals were held in Berlin at the Berlin CityCube Convention Center. Winner was determined with 3 games, the point system was the same as qualifying matches. Teams earned 1 point per kill and 5 points for every win.

tmd from Turkey won the first match with 7 kills in total, with 14 and 12 kills Rogue won the second and third game. There was a big competition between the players with a little trash talk. Rogue players went on dizzy right before the finals began in a friendly manner. Top 5 teams of the tournament and the amount they got from the prize pool is listed below.

  • 1st place: Rogue $74,600
  • 2nd place: NRG Esports $41,600
  • 3rd place: tamamdir $30,050
  • 4th place: pepega $18,450
  • 5th place: Wakanda TriHards $15,700

There are many upcoming Apex Legends tournaments on its way besides the ones organized by Twitch and ESL. Respawn will come with a new one organized solely by the company in the near future as they announced they have plans for bunch of new Apex Legends events. Stay tuned for more Apex Legends e-sports news!