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The latest addition to Apex Legends is a limited time game event that is very similar to Fortnite challenges rather than a content drop like what many Apex players were expecting.

Instead, limited time game mode titled Legendary Hunt Challenge was launched to the game with the latest update which will be available between June 4 and June 8. Unlike Fortnite Battle Royale’s LTMs, there are no changes to the gameplay but there are some certain requirements to participate in the challenge. Players have to rank in Top 5 in any game mode to join Elite Queue and from there on players can participate in the challenge and earn rewards by progressing and ranking in at least Top 5.

The in-game challenges will give players event exclusive rewards, meaning that none of the cosmetics will be available after the event is over. The exclusive rewards for the Legendary Hunt event are listed below in order.

  • Hunt Badge (Legendary) – Rewarded by finishing in Top 5 in any match.
  • Wolfpack G7 Scout Skin (Rare) – Rewarded by finishing in the Top 5 in an Elite Queue match.
  • Master of the Hunt Bloodhound Skin (Epic) – Rewarded after finishing in the Top 5 in any queue regardless of Elite Queue or not.
  • Tamed Beast Triple Take Skin (Legendary) – Win two games in any queue.

The rewards listed above will be given to both Free and Battle Pass holders once the challenges are completed.

Also, the players with Battle Pass purchased will get Legendary Honored Prey R-301 Skin and Night Terror Wraith Skin after reaching Battle Pass tier level 15 or higher.