How to Report Cheaters in Apex Legends
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Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends had a bit of a cheater issue ever since its surprise launch back in February. Even though the dev team has taken the necessary steps to address these issues and ban people from playing the game, it’s not always enough. Respawn even took this further by banning hardware IDs of cheaters who constantly come up with new accounts. As players, there is a huge work for you that needs to be done in order to clean up the mess these cheaters leave behind.

That is where the report system of Apex Legends comes into play which can be very beneficial for both the community and the dev team for tracking down the cheaters. The way that it works is simple and easy so you won’t have to put in more time than you need to.

If you encounter a cheater that killed you in a match, all you need to do is opening up the in-game menu. It’s ESC for PC and can be seen in the right corner of the screen. Upon opening up the menu, you have two options for reporting, Cheating and Other. You can use the Other menu for toxic behavior or abuse.

Once you select Cheating, you will be given 4 options to describe the type of cheat the enemy is using such as

  • Shot me with no line of sight
  • Aim was snapping to targets
  • Ammo or recoil was unusual.
  • Moving in impossible ways.

After selecting what describes it the most, select submit and done! The developer team is highly likely to monitor what goes on and will result in the issue.