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The most recent Apex Legends piece of content released by Respawn Entertainment was all about a backstory to the Lifeline. Although there isn’t much of a backstory other than the descriptions we are given in the Apex Legends website, this fan letter is giving out some information to how the Apex and Titanfall have shaped throughout their existence. Lifeline receives a fan letter from an ex-mercenary whom Lifeline has saved his life during the Frontier War. This fan explains how Lifeline has changed his life and gives a few hints on events beyond Apex and the connection between the Titanfall universe.

In the letter, the mercenary also includes a portrait of the day Lifeline saved him. Even though this letter is short, it gives some information to us on how the Apex tournament have shaped the Titanfall universe. It’s nice to see to portray Apex Legends as a whole universe rather than just a life or death tournament where legends are just characters. This may not benefit the game in the short-term but it will definitely do in the long-term. We can point out the League of Legends as a great example of this. Even though the game is simple, the backstories are making its universe much more vast and appealing to its player base.

As we already know for now the backstory to the game is very minimal. If Respawn releases more content like this we might be able to put pieces in together to have a better understanding of the story. While this is the only story content we have given since the launch of the game, this simple fan letter hyped a lot of people since storylines are one of the most interesting parts in every videogame. Stay tuned for more Apex Legends news and updates!