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Apex Legends is the fastest growing battle royale title that we have ever seen but things need to get spiced up a little bit in order to protect the hype around the game. Reportedly many Apex players are keeping themselves distant from the game due to the lack of updates that the game is getting. Also, existing bugs and performance issues that are causing in-game problems are a major reason to get your headache during play time.

In the earlier days of the game, Respawn Entertainment revealed their year one roadmap to show players that there will be major updates at each seasonal start rather than frequent updates. This can be both a good and a bad thing depending on your understanding of a game and the way you play. While some prefer long-lasting updates so that they can adjust themselves to the game, others prefer updates that bring new additions to the game every once in a while.

The wait for an update will be ending soon as EA confirmed that they will announce Season 2 at the E3 2019 which will be held on June 7. Also, the company hinted on a mobile version of the game as well. Apex Legends Season 2 release date is unknown at the moment but it will surely be out no later than June 20th since the first season started on March 19th. Many rumors also have pointed out that there might in addition to the King’s Canyon. It is certain that Respawn will not do any changes to the map unlike Fortnite but will bring in new worlds.

Long story short, we expect Season 2 to take start somewhere between June 8- June 20. We will keep this post updates as soon as the launch date is announced by either EA or Respawn, stay tuned!