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EA Play 2019 was something eventful and very informative on what we will be seeing in the next season of Apex Legends. The devs at Respawn Entertainment announced the date of next season, the new weapon, and the new Legend along with a few tweaks that will happen to the game.

While Apex Legends have been the target for everything that gamers dislike but with its unique gameplay and thriving nature, it kept most of its players base secure. Even though many streamers have left playing the game until something more ”exciting” comes along with the Season 2, there are still many players who are playing the game from the day one and the number of people who do so are not to be underestimated by any means.

During the EA Play 2019, Drew McCoy announced the Apex Legends Season 2 to be titled Battle Charge and start on July 2. Just like what happened with the Season 1 we will be seeing the launch of a new weapon and a new Legend but the features that are coming out with the Season 2 are much better than the previous season’s launch. You can check our front page to learn what you will be seeing with the Apex Legends Season 2 on July 2nd.