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After it’s release in February 4th, Apex Legends have taken the gaming industry by storm. Huge anticipation for the game in it’s first month seeming to be continuing. Season 1 launched in March 19th, rougly after 45 days of it’s first release. Battle Pass is on for the season 1 and there is a new legend added to the game with start of the first season.

Octavio Silva a.k.a Octane is our new adrenaline junkie in the Kings Canyon. His introduction speech to us is remarkable. He just simply says “Whoa . . . what a rush!”. When it comes to his abilities, they are one of the best ones we have seen right now. His tactical ability Stim allows him to move %30 faster for six seconds. Though this ability costs health, his passive ability Swift Mend covers it on a big scale. If he hasn’t taken any damage for a period of time, he starts to restore health over time. Launch Pad, Octane’s ultimate ability catapults teammates through the air. You can watch the trailer for Octane below.

Apex Legends leakers gave us some hints about Octane by datamining the game files in the past. Before the legend was out they posted the picture below. Most of the things leakers have said never came true yet but they nailed this one. Also this was posted a week before the launch of Season 1. After all leakers maybe need more attention in the past as they can reveal some useful information about where the game is headed.