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Season 2 of Apex Legends titled Battle Charge will introduce the debut of a new Legend to the game. On July 2, Wattson, the new Legend will hit King’s Canyon as part of the Season 2 launch.

Unlike other 9 Legends in the game, she was born and actually grew up on the island. So all the Legends knew her even before joining as Mirage puts it “old blood sport”. During the EA Play event, the game designer team at Respawn Entertainment revealed that her father invented the ring in the map and she is both an engineer and a scientist.

You can watch the short trailer where her father talks about her reveals some of the mysteries that were revolving around Wattson.

As far as her abilities go, Wattson’s tactical ability is very unique in terms of everything! She sets up electrical fences that give the effects of an Arc Star when crossed by an enemy and alerts her squad with pings. Her ultimate ability summons an AOE (Area of Effect) drone that blocks all incoming enemy grenades and Legend abilities such as Bangalore and Gibraltar’s airstrikes. On the other hand, her passive ability is good news to all Lifeline mains. It charges her ultimate to 100% when an Ultimate Accelerant is used, allowing her to repeatedly spam her ultimate. Also, Wattson’s drone will stay on the map as long as it is not destroyed, there is no time limit on how long it stays in the arena.

If you’re looking forward to the changes that we will be seeing with Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge, take a look at our front page!