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Respawn Entertainment’s latest work Apex Legends got the attention of many battle royale and FPS gamers worldwide with its sudden release. It quickly became a hit by reaching 50 million players in less than a month. Compared to Fortnite Battle Royale, which it took more than 90 days to reach that number it was a huge success. But we have to take some things into consideration. Especially on how well Apex Legends is marketed. Since it was published by EA, a lot of people thought it was going to be a major pay-to-win game just like most other games published by the company. Instead, players got a free-to-play battle royale on all major gaming platforms with a fair environment whether you pay or not. Apex Legends microtransactions only include cosmetic items and other features where it has no effect to the gameplay at all. Although Apex Legends is a fair game for everyone, there are still many major bugs and performance issues need to be addressed.

Each time when there is a problem with the game, the developer team quickly makes a blog post about the issues saying that they are aware but we see little to no action against them. So far before every update, Respawn Entertainment kept its mystery and didn’t even spoke a word about upcoming changes. The biggest problem that Apex players were having was the hitboxes that apply to each different legends(characters). For example, Wraith and Lifeline had to smallest hitbox size but on the other hand, Pathfinder’s hitbox was looking like the people who were responsible for it stopped working on it as soon as their shift ended.

While we still talk about these issues, there is little to no fixes occurred in the game. This is one of the biggest reasons why Apex Legends is losing value. The game’s value was estimated to be around 7 billion dollars in its first month but it currently stays at 1.5-1.8 billion dollars. This is a major downfall since the initial release. Both Respawn Entertainment and EA seems to be at a dead end to fix Apex Legends and increase its popularity once again. We can see how much of popularity Apex Legends has lost by simply looking at the Twitch viewers of the game. It dropped from 300 thousand in its initial release to ten thousand nowadays. Both DrDisrespect and Shroud nearly quit playing Apex Legends forever which are the biggest influencers in the battle royale genre.

Overall we can speculate that both the developer and the publisher companies are going to have a hard time to bring Apex Legends back on its feet but we have no information on any major changes that could draw the attention of the people so far. Stay tuned to get the newest information on Apex Legends!