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EA, one of the most prominent companies in the gaming industry. EA Play events are held annually to bring up both the game developers and the players together.

What we know regarding Apex Legends so far is that EA will showcase Season 2 and give Apex players details on Battle Pass, a new weapon, and a new legend. Also, on a blog post, Respawn Entertainment community manager Jay Fresh gave a hint on map changes by saying “… you didn’t think King’s Canyon would stay the same?

Overall, these are great news but the future of the game is highly reliant on the players. Although Respawn Entertainment admitted their wrongs on the Battle Pass, the developer company still wants to focus on seasonal updates which will take in place once in every three months. This is a huge difference compared to other battle royale titles like PUBG but to comparing it with Fortnite on how frequent the updates are? It would be simply a joke.

Once any news related to E3 2019 Apex Legends comes out, we will keep this post updated. Stay tuned!