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Apex Legends EA Play 2019 press conference has revealed some big changes that are coming to the game with Season 2. At the end of the event, Season 2 trailer was played and we have seen one giant dragon eye with a few smaller other flying with a Legend.

Although there are not much of lore to the game we know that dragon-like creatures existed in Titanfall universe and are called Flyers. They are large creatures around the same size as a Titans that have six limbs four of which are wings that allow the creature to fly at great heights and speeds.

The Dragons or also known as Flyers can be seen at the end of the trailer below.

In Titanfall 2, you can see them engaging fully armed squads, ripping apart IMC aircraft, armored vehicles, pretty much destroying anything that is found in its universe. It is a big question how all of this is going to play out with Apex Legends. As our hands are tied with little to no information, we have to wait and see Apex Legends Season 2 to find out more about them. In the meantime, you can learn many other things on Season 2 from our front page, so you won’t be unprepared to battle in King’s Canyon next season!