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Respawn Entertainment’s considerably new battle royale game Apex Legends is freetoplay and it only consists cosmetic items ranging from skins for characters to animations when executing a knocked down player. These microtransactions are controlled by the in-game credit Apex Coins.┬áRoughly 100 Apex Coins worth $1USD. If you purchase higher quantities, the game will give some extra bonuses like the most games. People who don’t want to spend that kind of money on videogames look for other options such as coin hacks or rely on the glitches that exist in the Apex Legends Store.

Although there are no cheats/hacks that can generate you Apex Coins, there have been many cases where players took advantage of the bugs that exist in the store. One of the most common ways these players used these glitches to get coins for free was plugging out the ethernet cable right after they click purchase. This makes the game client to proceed with the order without being able to connect bank’s network and apply it to the game with no money being charged from the card.

Respawn Entertainment has taken the necesarry measures such as banning the players who took advantage of the games vulnerabilities. So far these bugs and glitches have been fixed by Respawn in earlier updates but we might see more glitches being exploited in the near future.

As the microtransactions are the only way for Respawn Entertainment to keep the game running and make a businness out of it. We encourage all Apex Legends players to never take an advantage of this kind of bugs.